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Patented Pro Responseball (White/Black/Cyan)

Patented Pro Responseball (White/Black/Cyan)

$ 32.99

High grade, textured PU
Butyl bladder
Special: Rubber weight secured internally.

The new Precision RESPONSEBALL is equally beneficial to goalkeepers and field players.
The size and shape of regulation balls, the new Precision RESPONSEBALL’s patent pending construction provides irregular and unpredictable movement when the ball is in the air and in contact with the ground.
When kicked with force, it will dip and swerve. When served at lower speeds it will wobble and bobble, providing unpredictable outcomes even on the flattest surfaces.

RESPONSEBALL for goalkeepers:
The new Precision RESPONSEBALL is the perfect training tool for goalkeepers. It’s unpredictable movement is ideal for training reactions, movement, coordination footwork and for use in shot-stopping, handling and keeper/ball familiarity.

RESPONSEBALL for field players:
For field players, the benefits are endless. With it’s unpredictable movement, the Precision RESPONSEBALL is the perfect ball for developing skills such as control, receiving a pass, first touch and dribbling. It also helps players develop their concentration, movement, footwork, reactions and foot/eye co-ordination.

With the inclusion of a mini ball, the range of balls will cover everything from fun and games at home, school and at football training, right through to perfecting the very highest level skill sets at the top level.

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